Spring Into Books

10 April 2016

Spring is here.  Don't worry that it might still be snowing outside.  Just trust me, spring is here.  Seven wonderful bloggers and myself have teamed up for a spring-themed giveaway.  You could win all the books you see below.  

If giveaways aren't your thing--no worries.  Just run through this blog hop and grab a bunch of great freebies.  Everybody wins.


I'm giving a copy of A Kid's Guide To Keeping Chickens.  It's not a read aloud, but it's filled with great information all about chickens.  After all, many of us will soon have dozens of scrambled eggs in the classroom.  Our kids will be dreaming of the little chicks breaking through their eggs and then the cuteness begins.  

Growing up, I had chickens (okay, my parents did but I'd like to say I helped out) and they're a great way to learn how to take care of animals and become a responsible child.  Plus, when the rooster tries to attack you, your cat-like reflexes grow and improve.  And we did have that rooster.  And he was mean.  And he attacked everyone.  And he went after a baby once.  He made a great chicken and dumpling dinner.

As part of my on-going series of easy-to-implement project based learning activities, I'm sharing DESIGN A CHICKEN COOP.  You might think it's easy, but designing coops is big business and there are so many different types.  Getting kids to understand how to design and create is crucial to learning how to problem solve.  Check it out. Then you can go get your own chickens too.



The question remains:  How do you enter?  
Each blogger has a number at the end of their post--you NEED to collect all the numbers along the way, add 'em all up, and enter the total number (use those addition skills) in the Rafflecopter for your chance to win all twelve books!
1. Read all the blogs.
2. Collect all the numbers.
3. Add all the numbers up and find the total.
4. Enter the Rafflecopter from 4/10-4/16 and include the total number of all the blog combined (find the sum). 

Next stop is Marcy at Saddle Up for 2nd Grade.  See what she's got, grab her freebie, and then take a stroll through some of her blog posts.  Recently she wrote an excellent post on 10 Spotify playlists for the classroom...it is outstanding--check it out here.

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