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04 January 2014

So, in my last post I spoke about some of my favorites and best posts/link-up (just scroll down to my previous post).  I wrote about how Tune Into Tech by  Learning To The Core & iTeach 1:1 was just an excellent link-up for teachers to share exactly how they integrate technology in the classroom (friendly tip:  you should go back and check out some of the posts because they're all so great).

When I went back to look at those posts I realized that I wanted a good way to share all of them with teachers I work with every day.  I also needed a way that was simple, easy, and visually appealing, so I've loaded all of the posts onto a Symbaloo board titled Tune Into Tech: Reading.

So enjoy this board and I implore you to take the time and check out the original link-up from Kristin, Amanda, and Aylin this past summer.  You won't be disappointed and you'll probably learn quite a bit.  

If you check these out you will be happier than a bulldog on a trampoline.  
I promise.


  1. This is seriously SO cool, Matt! Your symbaloo is such a great resource- I love it!!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

  2. That bulldog on the trampoline is a riot! I love the symbaloo idea - I'll have to check it out.

    My husband is so excited about this Green Bay Packers game tonight. Of course, we bought our dog a Patriots shirt, but she's getting a by this week - she won't complain about not wearing her shirt, that's for sure.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you for sharing the Symbaloo Love! Your post has been added to our Symbaloo Love page here We really enjoy your Tune into Tech webmix! More information about SymbalooEDU can always be found at, latest updates are posted to our blog and we always appreciate feedback via email:

    Jolene Farrington

  4. Hey Matt, I'm a fourth grade teacher outside Atlanta, Ga. And frankly, I'm stressing out about the test. AAAAHHH!! I have just upgraded two laptops at home which is great, but that means I also have two functioning laptops not being used. I thought about downloading some literacy and math programs onto them and using them as stand alones in the class that won't have access to the internet. I am not finding anything that is going to work for me. Oh, I can find all the apps I want for iPad or tablets, but that isn't the technology I have available. In your amazing mind can you think of anything I might try to get my kiddos closer to beating that test? Please help!


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